CAP ™ (Concussion Active Prevention) Corporation is a social enterprise that funds amateur sports and traumatic brain injury research. CAP has developed patented technology, tools, and protocols to make athletes of all ages and levels stronger and less susceptible to concussions.

Our Mission

  • Reduce the amount as well as the severity of concussions in all sports

  • Establish a Preplay Safety Standard and Prevention Protocol

  • Fund amateur sports and communities

CAP is the Only Program That

  • Uniquely measures susceptibility to concussion injury

  • Offers a preplay standard and prevention protocol to take proactive steps to reduce concussions

  • Has an adhesive neck support with a patented design for additional protection (CAP Guard)

  • Puts the technology and tools in the hands of the teams, coaches, and players

  • Gathers valuable data and conducts ongoing research