Our Mission

  • Reduce the amount as well as the severity of concussions in all sports, for all ages, at all levels,

  • Establish a Preplay Safety Standard and Prevention Protocol, and

  • Fund amateur sports and concussion research.

The CAP Program is a unique, comprehensive program for concussion prevention that:

  • Safely measures neck strength to predict susceptibility to concussions using our patented CAP RAM machine,
  • Puts the technology and tools in the hands of teams, coaches, and athletes,
  • Creates revenue for your organization and funds amateur sports and research through our social enterprise model,
  • Measures the subtle neuro inflammation that occurs in subconcussive head trauma using the award winning Brain Gauge technology from Cortical Metrics,
  • Recommends a preplay standard and prevention protocol to take proactive steps to reduce concussions,
  • Sets individual 16 week strength training goals for athletes,
  • Motivates athletes to continually improve performance by re-testing and an App to access training goals and progress reports,
  • Provides comprehensive online reporting for CAP Administrators, and
  • Collects valuable data that has never been available before to conduct new and innovative concussion research.