CAP Certified Partners FAQs

  1. What criteria is required to become a Certified CAP Partner?

    CAP invests in our Certified CAP Partners and, therefore, our goal is to ensure every location is highly successful. Our criteria includes both technical and geographical considerations. Click here to learn more about our criteria.

  2. What are the costs to become a Certified CAP Partner?

    CAP Corp works with, and invests in our strategic partners. We provide the CAP RAM machine, Brain Gauge Technology, setting up the athletes in the CAP Management System and online CAP Level 1 training course, storing of all historical data, support as well as working with you to market and promote the CAP Program. CAP attends the official launch and provides a Train the Coach session with Sherwin Ganpatt.

    The only charge to your organization is the online CAP Certification program - $75.00 per administrator/coach and shipping costs for the CAP RAM Machine and Brain Gauge technology. See revenue model for breakdown and example.

  3. How does the CAP Program create revenue for my organization?

    As you enroll athletes, the first 40 cover the value of the CAP Program (listed above). After the first 40 athletes, the revenue is split between your organization, to the social enterprise, and CAP Corp. See revenue model for breakdown and example.

  4. How does CAP promote the Partnership?

    CAP works closely with your organization to launch, promote, and support The CAP Program. Some of our marketing includes: media announcement through our database and social media channels, a formal launch at your location where we have at least one CAP rep in attendance and our CAP RAM mascot. We also offer special speaking engagements with Sherwin Ganpatt (fees are applicable).

  5. How easy is it to implement the CAP training protocols?

    It only requires 10 to 15 minutes twice a week to complete the neck training.

CAP Training FAQs

  1. How long does it take for the athletes and the coaches/administrators to complete the course training?

    The CAP Level 1 (course for the athletes) is a 2-hour course and the CAP for Administrators (coaches/administrators) is 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. You will have unlimited access to the courses for 1 year.

  2. How does CAP neck strength training improve sprinting?

    The first 5 steps in sprinting speed is heavily dependant on shoulder strength, as it is the arm pumping that momentarily reduces the weight of the upper body on the legs allowing the athletes to push against a lighter mass. Training the neck an cervical spine has a great irrigation effect on the nerves that innervate the shoulders and arms. Allowing for harder contractions and thus faster starts.

  3. How does CAP neck strength training improve heading a ball?

    The less flex or give in a structure the more force it can transfer. Stronger neck flexors allow you to transfer your torso strength more efficiently when heading a soccer ball thus requiring less effort to achieve the same distance.

  4. How does CAP neck strength training improve throwing velocity?

    Improved rotator cuff strength through neural irrigation from neck training allows for faster harder throwing speeds. The mechanism is: the stronger your rotator cuff is the longer you can accelerate for before starting the deceleration phase. The rotator cuffs job is to decelerate the humerous so that the arm is not pulled out of the socket.

  5. How does CAP neck strength training improve slapshots?

    Slapshot velocity is also increased through the same mechanism that improves throwing speed as well as enhanced torso strength.

  6. How does CAP neck strength training improve overall torso strength?

    The improved torso strength so relevant to absorbing tackles and body checks also gives greater control over the mass of the upper body resulting in increased ability in quick directional changes.

  7. Does CAP improve balance?

    The ability to perceive your body in space is largely governed by your vestibular reflexes and cerebellum. Correcting for slips and falls is correlated to strength. All of these attributes are extremely well trained in the CAP program.

  8. Can you test someone that has had a concussion?

    Once their symptoms have subsided the RAM Test would be an excellent tool to determine whether they are ready to return to the game or require further rehabilitation to the cervical spine.