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The best coaches and trainers in the world have a competitive advantage because they continually strive to implement superior training methods and tools to develop new levels of elite performance that extend their athletes careers. However, often careers are cut short due to injury and concussions. Reducing and preventing concussions has been a challenge that has eluded coaches and trainers everywhere.

We have the Solution!


When you participate in CAP you become part of the solution! The data we gather is used for our ground-breaking concussion research!

Concussion Prevention

If you are an athlete that would like to sign up for CAP testing and training contact us or one of our CAP Certified Partners.

If you want to speak to us to learn more about how The CAP Prevention Program can reduce your risk of concussions contact us.

Brain Repair

If you’ve had a concussion and would like help repairing your brain contact us.


You can learn all about the CAP training on your own! We offer an online course CAP 4 All. We have also developed an online training log so you can stay on track!

CAP Certified Partners

Would you like to partner with us to implement our CAP Programs? Contact us to discuss how we can work together!

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We recently began implementing The CAP Program and our athletes and parents alike are loving it. We have always offered elite training, but incorporating the CAP Concussion Prevention Program takes out athletes to an even ❛Higher Level❜

Eddie Escobar, CEO HLSAcademy & CAP Partner

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Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. What the specialists couldn't help me with you did. (Neurologists, ophthalmologists, and the leaders in those fields). I am 95% better and things keep improving. I now have my quality of life back. I believe you guys are the BEST of the BEST! Thanks!!:)

Sarah Geiger-Schiewe

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The test was a wakeup call to my minute brain alterations, I was placed on a plan which I am undertaking and already noticing results.

Dr. Christian Turbide

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We are very enthusiastic about the Brain Gauge technology being integrated with the CAP Program. The data obtained from the breakthrough CAP RAM tests will provide new insights into our concussion research. Our partnership with CAP Corp opens the door to a multi-parametric approach to concussion assessment that could significantly improve our understanding of concussion prevention and treatment

Mark Tommerdahl, CEO of Cortical Metrics

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It is the first time that such an innovative, affordable system enables coaches to safely and objectively evaluate the strength training and thus opens horizons to utilize an optimal training protocol that minimizes the incidence of concussions in contact sports

Dr. Hossein Rouhani, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta


Partner Locations


Higher Level Sports Academy

1411 33 ST NE. Bay 8 - Franklin Crossing

Higher Level Sports Academy was founded in 2008, by passionate soccer advocate and professional athlete, Eddie Escobar. HLSA was established in order to achieve Escobar's vision "building confidence through athletics".

HLSA develops players through specialized soccer and multi-sport training. New this year, our 10,000 square foot artificial turf facility has opened more doors to Higher Level Programming to all ages, PD Day workshops, Spring Break Camps, Events and much more!

Vergie Speed

7835 Flint Road SE

Since 1988 Vergie Speed has trained over 16,400 athletes. We help athletes get chosen for some of North America’s most legendary sports organizations. Vergie Speed athletes have earned over $5.6 million in athletic scholarships in the WHL, CIS, NCAA & ACAC. Countless Vergie Speed athletes have and continue to be chosen to provincial and national teams and developmental leagues like WHL. All of our coaches are university educated to ensure we have the best science back us.

St. Albert

Athletes Nation One & Kinetic Conditioning

Unit 117 15 Circle Dr
Kinetic Conditioning Website
Athletes Nation One Website

Leveraging the power of experience is a unique advantage when you choose to train at SPT. Over the course of 20 years we have been refining our programs with some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the fields of athletic development and sports science - particularly the late Charlie Francis.

Utilizing and incorporating Charlie’s expertise and 35+ years of experience in developing some of the world’s fastest and most powerful human beings has allowed us to create industry-leading training programs over the past decade. Our First Step Quickness - Performance Training Series is one of the key by-product programs of those critical relationships and time and again the program of choice of many of this regions' elite and up-and coming athletes.


Dan LaJoie, BSc CSCS, RSCC*D
In the business of training athletes for over 17 years, former Director Of Athletic Performance of Athletes Nation.

Brad McNamara, BSc HKin CSCS, RSCC
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Of Athletes Nation. Has been working with amateur and professional athletes from various sports for over 10 years.

Ryan Havin, NAIT PFT
Originally a Practicum Student of Brad's from Nait, Ryan has worked with many general population groups and young athletes.